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Wildewitch RP

Custom Magic Item or Trait

Custom Magic Item or Trait

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We meet with you for one hour to develop a special magic item or trait for your character that will be with them over the course of their lifetime in the campaign. This item will have four properties and will be developed to scale and increase in power and function as the character grows in level, ultimately allowing it to become a legendary item. We will also develop a brief roleplaying event during which your character will acquire the item or trait. Usable in any Wildewitch RP games.

Note: Some future balancing may be required for special magic items or traits as they are used in-game and we discover that certain powers are either too powerful or not powerful enough. We will always handle such decisions free of any cost to you as well as including your feedback and concerns to ensure that the item or trait remains special and true to your vision for it.

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