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Wildewitch RP

Custom Romance Arc

Custom Romance Arc

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A non-player character and story arc created specially for your character in the Mortal Guardians campaign world so that you can experience the development of their romantic relationship and achieve your heart's desires!

We meet with you for one hour to develop a romantic interest for your character who will appear as a non-player character in the Mortal Guardians campaign during storyline or Side Quest! sessions when you play. This character’s relationship with your character will develop over several sessions, and we will thread their interactions with you into the campaign's events or into particular Side Quests! of your choice. We will ensure that romantic interest character aligns with your own character in the ways that you hope to experience, and the romance will become "canonical" any time that you play or replay episodes with your featured character.

Note: All romantic content must be portrayed in ways that abide by the Wildewitch RP gameplay rules which may be viewed at

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